In 1996, Infinite Ventures Company was founded in New York by Prince Marshall as a multi-faceted vehicle to pursue his business aspirations.

At the time he was working for Accounting Statistics Company, Inc., which was a payroll and tax-filing company which gave him access to small and large businesses in a multitude of industries. With a focus on small businesses, Infinite Ventures Company leveraged his computer, business and marketing knowledge, along with his contacts, to pursue projects to help smaller companies grow.

This led to this mission statement for Infinite Ventures Company:

With the growing need for computer literacy and connectivity in order to function effectively in today's world, Infinite Ventures Company has expanded into bringing practical connectivity to individuals and businesses alike, making them able to function more productively internally, and providing the resources and training to mine the external wealth of information and possibilities.

What that became was the building of websites for small companies and several business directory websites, computer repair, direct B2B marketing campaigns and projects to computerize operations. In the course of these projects, the ability to host websites became necessary and the company expanded to offer that as well as domain registrations.

In 2006, that all changed when Mr. Marshall was laid off from his position with Accounting Statistics Company. Without the access to the lists and contacts he once had, he no longer had the resources to continue at the same level and Infinite Ventures Company was limited to website design, hosting, computer consulting and repair.

In 2012, Mr Marshall wanted to focus on developing Infinite Ventures Company into something more, but in order to incorporate, he would have to close the company to re-establish it as a corporation. After existing for 16 years, he did not want to risk losing the standing of the name, or worse, have another business take the name while he was in the process of changing it over. As a result, Mr. Marshall decided to start a corporation using his own name to further his goals. That way, though a new corporation, it would still carry the weight of his reputation and experience.

Infinite Ventures Company still provides domain registration and hosting services but, in a sense, is the parent company of Prince H. Marshall, Jr., Inc. which plans to continue the legacy started by Infinite Ventures Company in the area of computer literacy and functionality for individuals and businesses.